ATD-7835 1/2" NPT, 6 oz., .03 Micron Oil Removing Filter

Coalescing filters function in a different way from general purpose filters. Air flows from inside to outside through a coalescing media. Coalescing by definition means "to come together." It is a continuous process by which small aerosols come in contact with the fibers in the filter media, uniting with other collected aerosols and growing to emerge as a droplet on the downstream surface of the media and then gravitationally drained away. For maximum performance and efficiency, coalescing filters should be preceded by a general purpose filter.

  • Removes sub micron particles, particularly oil
  • Applications include paint spraying, pneumatic control instrumentation, printing and protection of air bearings
  • For maximum efficiency, a pre-filter needs to be installed upstream of the oil-removing filter
  • Pipe Size: 1/2"
  • Max. Flow SCFM: 37
  • Bowl Capacity: 6 oz.
  • Bowl Type: Metal
  • Drain: Manual
  • Operating Temp. Range: 40º-160ºF
  • Max Flow Pressure: 250 psig
  • Filter Element: .03 micron

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