ATD-5570 Deluxe Automotive Meter with RPM and Temperature Functions

Professional grade tool used for diagnosing electrical, computer and engine problems on any vehicle. Includes (2) sets of test leads, rpm pick-up, temperature probe, protective holster, 9V battery, instruction manual and carrying case. Inductive rpm pick-up features a 5-position, adjustable sensitivity switch.
  • (45) Test ranges
  • (14) Test functions
  • Displays rpm for DIS and standard ignitions
  • Dual display with analog bar graph and digital readings
  • Built-in temperature readings
  • Includes rpm pick-up and temperature probe included
  • 10 Meg/Ohm input impedance
  • Dual fuse protection
  • Safety leads and jacks
  • Built-in tilt stand
  • Carrying case included

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Owner's Manual

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