ATD-7787 1/2" Air Regulator - 100 SCFM

Pneumatic equipment that operates at higher than recommended pressure can cause excess torque, force and wear and can waste compressed air. Operating below specified pressure can cause machines to fail to meet their design performance specifications. Therefore, precise air pressure control is essential to efficient operation of air powered equipment. An air line regulator is a specialized control valve which reduces upstream supply pressure level to a specified constant downstream pressure.

  • Regulates air pressure of the air line
  • Self-relieving style units
  • Features three position non-rising knob - push to lock, pull to adjust and detach to make tamper-resistant
  • T-handle also available
  • Pipe Size: 1/2"
  • Max Flow SCFM: 100
  • Adjustment Type: T-Handle
  • Pressure Gauge: Included
  • Gauge Port: (2) 1/4" NPT
  • Operating Temp. Range: 40º-120ºF
  • Adjustment Range: 5 to 125 psig

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Owner's Manual

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