ATD-6552 1.0 Liter Solvent Spray Bottle
  • Capacity: 1 Liter (35 fl. oz.)
  • High-Density Polyethylene material provides greater durability
  • Viton® FKM O-rings offer outstanding resistance to solvents including acid-based solutions
  • Easy to read markings on the side with both fluid ounce and liter gradations
Chemical Compatibility:
  • Sprayer resists many solvents and mineral oils. It features a high-quality Viton® seal making it ideal for brake cleaner solvents, tire cleaners, metal parts degreasers as well as many common industrial solvents including toluene, xylene, hexanes, kerosene, mineral turpentines, and more*.
  • Sprayer is NOT suitable for acetones, acetates, ammonias, keytones, lacquer thinners, etc.*
  • *See compatibility chart below for a complete list of chemicals.

Available Downloads

ATD-6552 Compatibility Chart


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