ATD-5650 Master Global Fuel Injection Pressure Test Kit
  • Covers all major model vehicle platforms, domestic and foreign, 1988 to present (does not include CIS/TBI)
  • Test gauge assembly disconnects from test hose and valve assembly for easier storage and improved gauge protection
  • The redesigned fuel line tee can accommodate 3/8" hose sizes in addition to 1/4" and 5/16"
  • Contains longer tee adapter to cut test hoses for easier connections
  • Neoprene boot for ultimate protection of test gauge and vehicle finish
  • Neatly organized molded storage case with marked adapters for easy cross-reference to the adapter guidebook
  • Case contains a hinged lid compartment to easily store hose assemblies
  • In-depth guidebook gives detailed vehicle model adapter information

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Owner's Manual

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