ATD-5289 Air Operated High-Pressure Grease Pump for 25-50 lbs. Pails
  • 50:1 heavy-duty double acting pump
  • Upgraded pump seals provide 10-12 times longer life
  • 6 ft. high-pressure hose, pump muffler and Lincoln-style air coupler
  • Fits 25-50 lbs. (5 gallon) pails
  • All ATD Grease Pumps are factory tested for quality & reliability
  • Follower plate with rubber wiping rings to fit CONICAL pails
  • Grease Control Valve
  • Rapid disconnect air coupler
  • Muffler and drum cover
  • Grease strainer screen (ATD-5356)
  • Output: 80 of NLGI #2 grease at 100 psi @ 70˚F ambient temperature (.35 cu. in.-cycle)
  • Air Inlet: 1/8" NPT(f)
  • Lube Outlet: 1/4" NPT(f)
  • Weight: 28 lbs.

Available Accessories & Replacement Parts

ATD-5289-1 - Replacement Pump for 25-50 lbs. Pail Systems
  • Includes rapid disconnect air coupler, 1/8" air nipple and muffler (fits all makes and models)
  • Output: 80 cu-in/minute of NLGI#2 at 70˚ ambient temperature
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
ATD-5324 - Piston Assembly
  • Piston assembly for lower down tube on all air operated grease pumps
ATD-5320 - Grease Pump Repair Kit
  • Simple repair kit for grease pumps
ATD-5322 - Air Motor Repair Kit
  • Complete repair kit for air motors
ATD-5323 - Down Tube Repair Kit
  • Complete repair kit for down tubes

Available Downloads

Owners Manual Troubleshooting Guide Pump Diagnostic Sheet

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