ATD-5226 Trolley Mounted Oil Pump Kit
  • Trolly mounted kits are ideal for use in workshops, garages and on shop floors
  • Provides complete portability for everyday oiling jobs
  • Designed for use with 55 gal. oil drums
  • Ideal for use with medium to high viscosity oils (up to SAE 130) for transferring over short distances (up to 30 meters) List of oils are as follows:
    • 1. Engine Oil
    • 2. Gear oil
    • 3. Hydraulic oil
    • 4. Differential oil
  • Transmission & steering fluids are not suitable to use with this pump, as their material compatibility is not good with NBR
This kit can be easily assembled and includes:
  • 3:1 air operated oil pump with 2" bung
  • Oil hose reel with 30' x 1/2" oil hose
  • Digital oil gun with flexible hose and manual non-grip tip
  • Drum trolley with locking wheels
  • 1/4" miniature filter/regulator combination
  • Hose for connecting pump outlet to reel inlet
  • Shipping Weight: 199 lbs.

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