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ATD-13790 5 Pc. Mortorq® Bit Socket Set

  • Used to service Mortorq® fasteners found on GM, Chrysler, Jeep, BMW, Nissan and other late model vehicles
  • Applications include transmissions, gear boxes, differentials, suspension components, instrument panels, seat tracks, door panels and restraint systems
  • 3/8" Drive chrome vanadium socket with S2 steel bit
  • Includes storage rail
  • These high quality Mortorq® bit sockets are designed to be used with hand tools only. The bit socket warranty is voided if they are used with any type of impact tools.
Set Includes:
(5) Mortorq® Bit Socket Set:
  • ATD-13752 - 3/8" Drive MTS-0
  • ATD-13753 - 3/8" Drive MTS-1
  • ATD-13754 - 3/8" Drive MTS-2
  • ATD-13755 - 3/8" Drive MTS-3
  • ATD-13756 - 3/8" Drive MTS-4

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